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Wednesday, August 06, 2003

I'm ready to launch my new series on the gospel of John (beginning with the new ACU school year). But at this eleventh hour, I'm still not sure of the theme. I'd been planning to call it "Radical Claims, Radical Courage." John apparently wrote to a group of Christians who had recently been separated from the synagogue. For many of them, that meant loss of family, loss of heritage--even loss of income. (See hints of this in 7:13; 9:22; 12:42; and 16:2.) In response, he makes radical claims about Jesus--arguably the "highest" Christology in the New Testament (perhaps along with Hebrews). But now I'm intrigued with a passage in John 12. God speaks from heaven about Jesus' glory. Some said it was just thunder; others knew it was more than thunder. So, I'm playing with the theme "More Than Thunder." As soon as Wade or someone else tells me how to get comments at this site, I'll ask for your feedback!


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