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Wednesday, August 27, 2003

SKUNKS, TURTLES, and BUTTERFLIES I read an insightful article recently about people who change churches. Those people fall into three groups: the skunks, the turtles, and the butterflies. The skunks go out the front door with all the attention they can get. They make sure everyone knows they're leaving and WHY they're leaving. They try to make it clear how badly they'll be missed. As you can imagine, they leave an odor that remains for a while. Turtles quietly exit out the side door. Maybe they're hurt by the direction their church is moving. Perhaps they just couldn't connect with people to find meaningful community. But they don't try to become martyrs. They do their best to love everyone on their way out. Butterflies aren't really leaving--at least that's not what they have in mind. It isn't about the church they're leaving but about the opporunity they feel called to ahead. So they become a blessing to everyone--affirming the work of God in the place they have been and seizing the new chances they have to minister ahead.


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