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Sunday, August 31, 2003

This weekend I spoke at the "In Step" retreat at Camp Wyldewood in Searcy. Diane and I were overwhelmed with joy at seeing so many people we love that we haven't seen in person for ages. (By the way, except for one Sunday at Covenant Fellowship Church, it was my first time to speak in Searcy since 1991!) We were flooded with wonderful emotions of nostalgia. Fourteen years of my life was spent at Harding: four years as an undergrad student, three years at the graduate school (in Memphis), and then seven years preaching at the College Church. As we walked on campus, we thought about the many ways our lives were blessed by people there. I remembered life-transforming classes with Ray Muncy, Neale Pryor, Jimmy Allen, Jerry Jones, Tom Eddins, and many others. I remembered first seeing Diane in the Patty Cobb cafeteria. I recalled our first date: seeing the uncut, unedited version of "Wilderness Family" at the Rialto. One of the highlights was running into Dr. Ganus as we strolled through campus. In every possible sense, he's a giant of a man. I have respected him as a president, as an elder, and as an older friend. Just talking to him for ten minutes makes me want to be a better leader!


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