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Tuesday, September 23, 2003

As of today, fall is here. I can feel it! Or maybe it's that I'm on the first flight out of Abilene this morning! Perhaps it's exhaustion I'm feeling. As I've read the student information sheets I asked my ACU students to fill out, I'm struck again by their responses to my question, "Who has influenced you most spiritually?" I guess it would be obvious that most would say moms and that many would say dads. But still, to read what they said reminds me again of what an amazing opportunity it is to be a parent. You might read these and imagine a bunch of spiritual over-achieving parents. But I'll bet they're just people like most of us--people who did their best, blew it quite often, and have a few regrets. But the impact on their children of their constant love and spiritual devotion (despite all of the failings) is enormous. HANG IN THERE!!


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