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Saturday, September 13, 2003

I recently got to know a young father better at the Zoe worship conference in Phoenix. I learned a lot more about his life-and-death battle with cancer. I asked him to keep me up on the journey so I'd know how to pray for him. Here is one of his recent notes (posted with his permission). Read in wonder . . . . "Recovery in the hospital went very well -- I heard myself described as a 'highly motivated' patient. I thank God for his mercy in giving me the ability to heal rapidly. One of the things I resolved, on the day I was diagnosed nearly 3 1/2 years ago, was to give him the glory, whether in life or in death. Of course, I immediately started looking for rationale to support the assertion that he would be given more glory if I lived, because I preferred living. In doing all this reflection, I seriously pondered the question, Does God get more glory through living (a triumphant, miraculous healing, for example) or through dying (a dignified, submissive passing)? I came to the conclusion that the answer was neither -- that the glory was in the struggle. (With a theology like this, no wonder I've had so many recurrences!) Anyway, if I've struggled well, I just wanted to be sure he got the credit."


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