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Thursday, September 25, 2003

Last Sunday night our covenant group went through an exercise to help us explore one another's early years. We completed several sentences and then shared them with everyone. One of them was this: "I grew up in a home with . . . (name common meals your family had)." Here's part of my list. I grew up in a home with fresh blueberries and blackberries; with bacon, mustard, and biscuit sandwiches; with a hot breakfast every morning; with dessert after every lunch and dinner; with fried chicken and mashed potatoes for Sunday dinner; with homemade ice cream; with bell peppers stuffed with rice and hamburger meat; with cinnamon pies; with pork chops; with squirrel and dumplings . . . . Wow, Mom--you were/are an amazing cook! Anyone hungry? Now how about you? What food can you smell from the home where you grew up? Plus, I have to run . . . . It's time to drop Chris's frozen waffle in the toaster. (His mom's a great cook, too. But with both parents working, breakfast is whatever is quick and relatively healthy. I often have a little salmon with my Fiber One cereal . . . but that doesn't seem to be catching on in my family.)


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