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Tuesday, October 14, 2003

A Cubs-Red Sox World Series? Got to figure the Cubs are going to make it (despite heroic efforts by Pudge). Who'd want to be three down knowing even if you won game six you'd still have to face Kerry Wood again? But the Red Sox? I don't think so -- for these three reasons: (1) Bill Buckner; (2) the Bambino; (3) the Yankees. As a newspaper family, we scored tickets to World Series games whenever the Cardinals made it. Fortunately, I was a kid in a good decade for a St. Louis fan. My first World Series to attend was in 1964. I remember clearly sitting right smack next to my Dad (sorry, Mom -- were you there?) watching the Yankees and Cardinals battle. There was a small plane flying overhead that said: MICKEY MANTLE AND ROGER MARRIS TOO, WE'VE COME TO PUT A HEX ON YOU. Now for the dirty little secret: I was pulling for the Yankees. Yes, I'm embarrassed of it now. But I was just eight! I didn't know better. My favorite players were Mickey Mantle and Willie Mays, so I had some kind of hero-worship obligation to pull for the Yankees. Fortunately, by the time the '67 series came, I had seen the light. More on that later . . . .


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