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Thursday, October 16, 2003

For many people, 1964 was the year LBJ was elected to the office he'd taken over when President Kennedy was assassinated. For others, it was the year of the Beatles. They appeared that year on Ed Sullivan, and their early hits flooded the charts: "I Want to Hold Your Hand," "A Hard Day's Night," "Please, Please Me," and (the greatest of all) "Twist and Shout." But for me, it was the year of baseball. (For more on the 1964 World Series, and especially on how the Yankees' racism led to their demise, see David Halberstam's October 1964.) I remember an all-school assembly, where all grades crammed into our auditorium/cafeteria at Field Elementary to watch the Cardinals and Yankees play on a black and white television. And then a couple days later I was there. Mickey Mantle, Bob Gibson, Roger Marris . . . and me. It was a good year.


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