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Wednesday, October 15, 2003

Two thoughts for the day: 1) I wonder if Rush Limbaugh wishes he'd shown a bit more compassion through the years. 2) No matter how bad your day, it can't be as bad as the poor Cubs fan who interfered while trying to catch a foul ball -- causing Moises Alou to be unable to snag it and leading to an eight-run eighth inning for the Marlins. The Cubs' curse? The young man was pelted with peanuts and death threats until security officers escorted him out to protect him. He covered his face with his jacket. No one in this world is hoping Kerry Wood has a good game today any more than this guy! If the Cubs win tonight, he'll be a historical footnote -- maybe even a guest on Letterman. If the Cubs blow tonight's game (and continue THE STREAK), he'll have to have plastic surgery and move to another state.


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