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Tuesday, November 04, 2003

The Agricultural Department has just reported that more American families are battling hunger than there have been in many years. It's related to the jump in the number of people living in poverty -- 34.6 million in 2002 (up 1.7 million from 2001). We're a nation battling obesity and hunger. 65% of adults and 13% of children are significantly overweight. And yet millions are finding it difficult to get enough to eat. One of the problems is that diets are easily compromised in families with poverty-level incomes. They have to buy filling, high-calorie food that isn't always nutritious. Perhaps the more disturbing trend is how fewer and fewer seem to care. As long as MY family is doing well, as long as My kids have a good school, as long as MY neighborhood is safe, then the world is fine. But the world isn't fine. The kingdom of God continues breaking in to reverse our perspectives. It keeps calling on us to open our eyes to the needs all around us. It keeps reminding us that we are to serve rather than to be served. I spoke recently to a man in Dallas who is giving his life (and resources) to community-building among the poor. He said his great frustration is that people often just don't care if it isn't THEIR neighborhood and doesn't involve THEIR kids. They would vote for policies that made their lives a tiny bit better--even if it delivered a crushing blow to the unseen poor. Here's a thought for the day: In a nation where both hunger and obesity are a problem, what does it mean for our mission to hear Jesus say, "I am the bread of life"?


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