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Friday, November 07, 2003

Can't wait to hear Tony Campolo on Sunday and Monday. What an influence this man has been. He has pleaded with Christians not to be reductionistic with the gospel--not to diminish it to something like "the saving of souls." He has continually called on us to understand the implications of the kingdom of God that has broken in. He keeps asking people to face the question: "What does it mean for us to follow Jesus?" That is, what would it mean if, instead of just going to church, we decided to take discipleship seriously? Yesterday I fed burgers at noon to 15 of my students. I expected them to run off afterward, but they noticed that we had "Finding Nemo." So the ones who didn't have class (at least I'm assuming they didn't!) stayed and watched the movie. At the end, after Nemo and his dad were reunited, one of the girls told me it made her want to drive home and see her parents.


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