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Monday, November 24, 2003

A great weekend in Montgomery. Last night 1200 people from four congregations combined for a joy-filled evening. Jerome Williams led the singing and I preached. The extended praise team (trying to avoid the word "choir" here) of about 40 was made up of singers from the four churches. Someone told me recently his grad school prof speaks disparagingly quite often of "happy clappy churches." Most profs I know don't take cheap shots like that. They remain supportive of the tough work of leading churches. But occasionally there's one who has to run down churches that aren't his preference or aren't THEOLOGICAL enough for his tastes! Anyway, this was a pretty "happy clappy" weekend. People seemed pretty convinced that Jesus is still alive. They seemed to value Christian community. And they seemed to love praising God. Landmark is an amazing church. They've made some bold decisions about who they are, keeping a laser focus on mission: on reaching out to the broken-hearted and oppressed and on helping people come to faith.


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