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Tuesday, November 18, 2003

I have a long-time love/hate relationship with travel. I love getting to share my faith in places around the country. It's such a blessing to be asked. But for every trip, there's an exchange (besides the exhaustion of travel). This weekend I'm preaching in Montgomery, AL. It's a trip I've been trying to work out for six years to be with my friend Buddy Bell and the wonderful Landmark Church where he preaches. But . . . I'll be gone for the anniversary of Megan's death, I'll miss Chris's weekend soccer tournament, and I'll be absent on one of the most special Sundays of the year at Highland. Keeping my platinum status with American for the past decade has had its privileges . . . and its costs! It's been so hard to say "no" to people who've asked me to come speak -- but every "no" has also been a "yes" to my wife, my kids, my church, my friends, my ACU class, and my energy level. Not complaining. It's a great privilege. Overall, I think Diane and I have made good decisions about the amount of travel. But I know this -- I don't ever remember regretting having said "I'm afraid I can't this time"!


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