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Saturday, November 15, 2003

Some weeks sermon preparation is like squeezing juice from a plump Florida orange. Other weeks it's more like squeezing juice from broccoli. Those (These!) are the weeks when a line from an old hymn comes back: "Lord, speak to me that I may speak . . . ." Run, don't walk, to the movie "Luther." What an inspiring film--apparently quite accurate historically. Two scenes stand out, as I think of the courage of those who paved the way for us. First, the "Here I am" speech is incredible. Luther asks for a night to think about what he's going to say when he's summoned to Worms to recant. Then, after a night of prayer, he returns with his moving words of faith and courage. Second, there is the scene where other leaders had to decide whether they would hide behind Luther, waffling in the presence of authorities, or put their own necks on the line. You won't forget the image of their decision!


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