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Wednesday, November 12, 2003

Two great books to recommend today: MERE DISCIPLESHIP by Lee Camp (a former Highland member and now a Bible professor at Lipscomb) and UNFINISHED RECONCILIATION, edited by Gary Holloway and John York. I read both of these in manuscript form a couple months ago, and the final products just arrived today. Lee's book is aptly subtitled "Radical Christianity in a Rebellious World." And it is a radical vision of Christianity that he capably presents, walking readers through the life and the teachings of Jesus. Check out these chapter titles: "Worship: Why Disciples Love Their Enemies" "Baptism: Why Disciples Don't Make Good Americans" "Prayer: Why Disciples Trust God Rather Than Their Own Calculations" "Communion: Why Disciples Share Their Wealth" "Evangelism: How Disciples Make a Difference" There are lots of strong chapters in UNFINISHED RECONCILIATION (including two by Lee Camp). But you'd better buckle your seatbelt before reading the prophetic words of Ken Greene!


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