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Friday, December 12, 2003

Another thought from reading Tracy Kidder's MOUNTAINS BEYOND MOUNTAINS (about the life of Dr. Paul Farmer, "a man who would change the world"): Kidder traveled all around the world with Farmer as he prepared to write the book--to Peru, to Russian prisons, to Boston, to Haiti (the center of Farmer's work with the poor), and to Paris. Here's what he records about entering Paris: "As we entered the city proper, that great dove-colored epicurean city, he murmured something about how much could be done in Haiti if only he could get his hands on the money that the first world spent on pet grooming." Statements like that jolt me into reality and embarrassment. It makes me think about how hard it is for us to buy Christmas presents for each other when we can't think of anything lacking. And yet there are people in Haiti (and hidden from us in Abilene) who lack almost everything.


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