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Thursday, December 11, 2003

Enjoy Jim Shahin's thoughts about Santa: "Isn't Santa always beaming? For once, I'd like to see a pensive Santa or a melancholy Santa. I was lucky enough to see, in person, a drunk Santa. It was in Florida on Christmas Eve, Santa after-hours. He was weaving down the late-night street, spotlit by the hazy light of overhanging street lamps, mumbling something that didn't sound remotely like 'and to all a good night.' I've also been privileged to see a cigarette-smoking Santa; several of them, in fact. They're all over the place in Italy. Cigarette smoking and hair the color of cigarette ash, worn slightly askew, a look that is less jolly than it is kind of Santa noir." Santa Noir, huh? Can you imagine how different all the lyrics might be to popular Christmas songs? Go ahead . . . give it a try.


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