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Sunday, January 11, 2004

Counting children, there were about 140 people at the Brazil missions conference. What an amazing bunch of believers who are giving their lives to the proclamation of the gospel in South America. I got to teach a lot (a dozen times), but the places where I really got to know people were over meals and on the basketball court. (I joined the Aggies on the Santiago, Chile team.) I'm not a missionary in South America, but one way I feel like I can be part of several of the teams is to pray through the list compiled by Continent of Great Cities. I intend to keep that list by my prayer journal for several weeks as each day I ask God's blessings on these brothers and sisters. On the last night, there was an EXTENSIVE roasting of the speaker. A couple years ago Jack Reese got the same treatment at the end of the conference. Jack and I talked about it at church this morning, and we agree that we're both fairly easy targets!


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