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Monday, January 26, 2004

Just back last night from a Zoe conference in Fresno. What an incredible church -- in a couple days I felt like it was another home. Working with Brandon and Zoe, Randy Gill, the Bridgesmiths, Jack and Jill Maxwell -- well, I don't get tired of it! The flight back was glorious--seeing Las Vegas, Hoover Dam, and the Grand Canyon (with the afternoon sun hitting the north wall). Then, we got to the Abilene gate at DFW and there was my oldest son, waiting on the same flight. What a nice surprise. I knew he was away for the weekend (for a training course to teach the MCAT for Princeton Review), but didn't know which flight he'd be on. Randy Harris preached for me. I got this great e-mail from a friend this morning: "For the sake of job security please find replacements that are less competent. I'm only telling you this as a friend." :) (Yes, one of my fears is that one day, someone smart will figure out that they could use all the "replacement preachers" each week at Highland . . . and just pretend I'm away every week.)


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