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Thursday, January 01, 2004

To follow up on yesterday . . . . Over Christmas, I got to know Maggie. I'd heard a lot about Maggie, but we hadn't met. Maggie is my brother's family's pygmy goat. (Is that politically correct? Maggie is a vertically-challenged goat.) Stands about knee high. Truman is the family dog. From his fenced in back yard, he is a highly-caffeinated protector of the family's house. And to Truman the greatest potential threat to the house is Maggie, as the goat wanders outside the fence on the six acres. All day long Truman is on Code Red, standing at attention staring at the goat. If Maggie moves, Truman runs up and down the fence. Who knows what potential terrors lurk in the mind of that goat? When I say "all day long," I mean EVERY WAKING MOMENT. There is no rest for the weary. Truman has to guard against possible invasion from the pygmy. The fact that the goat has been there a LONG time matters little. Truman seems to believe it's a devilish plan to lure the family into a sense of trust. And then the demon-goat will strike! So he stands alert, staring and barking. All day. Every day. I'll think of Truman now when I read Philippians 3: "This one thing I do." Or when I see City Slickers for the 20th time and hear Jack Palance say to Billy Crystal: "The secret of life is one thing." What's your one thing for this year?


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