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Monday, February 02, 2004

The Gulfcoast Get-a-Way was wonderful. There were 1800 university students from 40 different campus ministries. The hardest part for me was adjusting to college students' schedules. Friday night I didn't begin speaking until 10:30. (Can you say, "bedtime"?) After I preached for an hour, the coffee house began. Baptisms took place in the wee morning hours. Yesterday morning when I spoke for the last time, it struck me what an amazing moment that is: to commission 1800 students to go back to their campus as representatives of Jesus Christ. Tried to catch as much of the Super Bowl as I could on the way back. Saw Steve Tyler (AKA "Arowyn's dad") sing "Dream On" before the game. What orbit does that guy fly in to sing that high? Then I landed in time to join my boys and some of Matt's friends for the second half. Wasn't everyone wanting to scream at the Carolina coach: "You'd better not leave a minute on the clock"?


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