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Friday, February 27, 2004

I got stuck again watching Fox News. They were interviewing "Mancow"--their conservative version of Howard Stern. "Mancow" is a shock jock who is offensive, lewd, and tasteless. He was defending Howard Stern (following Stern's removal from several radio markets) even though he insisted he absolutely hates Stern. He kept emphasizing all the people he hates. But then he also claimed that he's a conservative Christian. Ouch. He hates liberals. Really, really hates them. And he says he is a conservative Christian. Perfect for Fox News, where they just report and let you decide. (Laugh track here.) At least "Mancow" pointed out how ironic it would be for Fox, who has provided the most offensive stuff on television, to be opposed to Stern's antics. By the way, Howard Stern is complaining about freedom of speech. But . . . isn't this freedom of speech at its best? Listeners in certain markets have voiced their opinion. They're offended by the way he treats women like toys that exist for the gratification of men. Businesses have voiced their opinion that they're not interested in supporting a show like that. And a media company has voiced their opinion that they need to listen to the audience and the people footing the bills.


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