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Thursday, March 11, 2004

Just finished speaking at the funeral for Carolyn Salmon. What an amazing woman -- someone who's definitely in my Hebrews 11. When her husband left her, she moved to Abilene in 1974 with her six children. In the Highland family, she raised them, knowing there were people like Wally Bullington who would be role models for her kids. This woman was an encouraging machine. She often said, "I'm the most blessed person in the world." She rejected the way of bitterness. She constantly told people how much she loved them, how deeply she admired them, how often she prayed for them. After the funeral, one young mother told me that just recently Carolyn saw her 11-year-old at a basketball game, called her over, hugged her and told her how impressed she was with her. This mother choked back tears as she told me that her daughter will never forget it. And she did this all the time! The Monday before she died, she dropped by McDonald's to tell the women she met there each week that she couldn't stay but she just wanted them to know she loved them. Years ago someone wrote a history of the Highland Church and called it FROM ROOTS TO WINGS. If it's updated, I want to see a whole chapter in there on Carolyn!


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