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Friday, March 12, 2004

RATTLESNAKE FAJITAS AND THE ATKINS DIET I have fixed a wide variety of fajitas including dove fajitas, quail fajitas, and sandhill crane fajitas. But this morning's Abilene newspaper has a recipe for rattlesnake fajitas. Only in Texas . . . . And while on food . . . I spent a day in Ft. Worth this week and was amazed at the influence of the Atkins diet. Tom Thumb was advertising their low carb section. Del Frisco (think: expensive slabs of steak) was promoting their Atkins-friendly selection. In Central Market -- the mecca of grocery shopping! -- right in the middle of their amazing bakery with the smells of incredible loaves of bread all around -- there was a sad little display for "low carb bread." Probably some blog readers are giving it a try. Good on ya. For a short-term kick, maybe it works. But isn't there a reason to be suspicious of a diet that cuts back on bread and fruit? As I think of what the staples are around the world, those have to be high on the list. Cut out bread, fruit, and wine, and much of the world starves. (I'm trying to imagine telling the people in the villages we've visited in Uganda that they need to cut out bread and fruit.) I wonder if we're always looking for some new gimmick in diet in our country (it was low-fat a decade ago) because we don't have the discipline to do this: eat less and exercise more. In a land of excess, we don't like balance. We need some balance on the whole weight thing. Yes, as a country we need to lose weight. Our children are getting heavier each decade. Again: eat less (especially of junk food) and exercise more. This just in: apparently not many calories are burned sitting in front of a screen with a Play Station. But it would be nice if we'd also quit obsessing so much about weight. In the leisure of middle-class and upper-class America, we have the privilege of obsessing on the body beautiful. People hate their bodies because they're a few pounds overweight. Young women feel like they have to get boob jobs so their bodies curve like on the magazine covers. A formula for better health: eat less, exercise more, obsess less, be with good friends more. Plus rattlesnake fajitas. And, of course, guacamole.


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