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Monday, March 15, 2004

Two wonderful rites of Spring. . . . First, THE MOWING OF THE BASEBALL PRACTICE FIELD. Yes, Steve and Josh Hare and Christopher and I got out there with mowers, weedeater, and trash bags to get the field ready for 5:30 this afternoon. (My other son, former co-owner of the Matt and Chad Lawn Service, was out of town for spring break.) In a few hours I'll be summoning all my coaching experience and yelling this piece of advice: "Don't throw the ball when no one is looking!!" Second, the posting of the NCAA brackets. Our problem right now is that we don't really have a team. For many years, it was North Carolina. (The first church I went to out of seminary was in Wilmington, home of Michael Jordan, whom we met in the parking lot of the mall one day.) After that it was the Razorbacks. But who now? Texas Tech? Nope. Texas? In football, for sure, but haven't really been able to get into Longhorn hoops. Duke? Well, possibly. But there's still that lingering rivalry from our UNC days. Maybe we'll just root for the underdogs. Go Liberty! Valparaiso! Texas-San Antonio! Princeton (special OT rules: highest average SAT scores advances)!


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