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Monday, April 12, 2004

Barbara Brown Taylor on worship: "When I was a little girl, like many little girls I took ballet lessons. The paraphernalia was fascinating to me: the satin slippers, the stiff net tutu, the pink tights. It would have suited me to spend the whole hour admiring myself in front of the mirror, but my teacher kept insisting that I come away from there to learn the basic positions essential to ballet. Under her tutelage, I learned to bend my feet this way and that, sometimes straining so hard I feared my knees would pop from their sockets. I arched my back, I held my head up, I made perfect O's with my arms. I stretched and sweated over the positions until my bones ached and my muscles yelled out loud. Then one day I got to put them all together, bending and rising and sweeping the air like someone to whom gravity no longer applied. I got to dance. "That memory sustains me in worship, where I practice the basic positions of faith. They are named gloria, kyrie, credo, sanctus. They are named the prayers of the people, the peace, the breaking of the bread. Each one requires my full attention and best efforts; each one teaches me a particular way to move, so that when God invites me to put them all together, I may jump with joy to join the dance."


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