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Thursday, April 22, 2004

More holy ground to walk on last night. First, there was the testimony in "Oasis" from a woman who said she is a "recovering screamer." Her eloquent words drew us to the love of God and invited us to be a more open community. Then, in the elders' meeting there were so many sacred moments. There was the welcoming of a new member who was converted by missionaries in Turkey. He's been imprisoned five different times for sharing his faith--three of those times in cities visited by Paul (yes--THAT Paul). Then there was the young couple placing membership who are taking a survey trip to Tanzania this summer--and, because of their devotion to world missions, are planning to get married while there. (I know a beautiful spot about 19,200 feet up that I might suggest! I'm sure a tent on the slopes of Kilimanjaro would make a beautiful honeymoon.) And then we blessed a couple who has born the pain of childlessness and now find themselves as parents to two teenagers. It's an amazing story of love: two teens who are not parentless because an eighth grader's teacher (from last year) has now become her "mom."


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