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Thursday, April 15, 2004

The prayer time on Wednesday nights is becoming holy ground. Judy Thomas has sort of become my prayer partner to pray for people (since Diane teaches 6th grade girls on Wednesday nights). She's such a special woman in our life. All three of my children have attended and Diane teaches at Sam Thomas Elementary School (named for her husband, who died suddenly just before we got to Abilene in 1991). Plus, God has graciously let me minister side-by-side around the country with Brandon. (By the way, here is the site for Brandon's new blog.) Here's one observation: the mentally handicapped members of our church (and there are several who come from DRI and a group home) have no reluctance to come ask for prayers. They have an openness, an honesty, a passion for God that makes me want to grow in my God-hunger and spiritual honesty. They come with great concerns for people they love. Last night one brother came to ask for our prayers for his friend who'll be participating in the Special Olympics at ACU this weekend. I love that in our church our brothers and sisters who are mentally-handicapped aren't seen as a project. They are vital, gifted members of the body. With their simple minds and deep spirits they are calling us to the way of Christ. Well, what do you expect to read from the father of a little girl who was mentally-handicapped and who was loved and valued by this church?


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