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Wednesday, April 28, 2004

Six observations about coaching little league (from someone who's been doing it since 1989): 1) Practices that last 2 hours are half as effective as practices that last 1 hour. 2) Practicing every day makes the coaches self-satisfied, but the kids tend to lose the fun. 3) Small amounts of money pay big dividends. On rare occasions I'll play "hit the bucket," where the first player to field a ground ball cleanly and hit the red bucket at home plate gets a buck. You'd think you offered tickets on the first manned mission to Mars. 4) Make sure one of the assistant coaches is much younger than you but still significantly older than the boys on the team. (Here is the advantage of having one son who's 11 and another who's 22.) That way the kids can have batting practice for an hour, but YOUR shoulder doesn't feel like it needs surgery the next morning. 5) It's just a game. 6) It's just a game.


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