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Wednesday, April 14, 2004

With both of us working outside the home, we have found ways to share house-cleaning and parenting duties. I am the bed-maker, the morning picker-up-er, and the dish rinser. I also cook about half the meals. (Plus I'm really good at running to Joe Allen's or Subway for carry-out.) But sometimes it hits me that there is a whole other world I'm oblivious to. This afternoon Diane is leaving for about 28 hours. The stuff I'm now in charge of is, well, more urgent than my normal routine. Pick up Chris. ("If you don't pick him up, he'll be stuck there.") Feed the dogs. ("If you or Chris don't feed them, they won't eat.") Give Chris his allergy and antacid meds (reflecting two of my genetic gifts to him). Pack his lunch. These are things I rarely think about. Somehow they just get done. Because I travel so much, Diane is used to covering all home bases. But this is rare. I am, for 28 hours, the . . . adult parent . . . default parent . . . last-line-of-defense parent. I can do this. (On the other hand, if any of you happen to drive by Thomas Elementary around 4:00 and there's one kid that looks like me standing around, would you pick him up and bring him to church?)


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