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Wednesday, May 26, 2004

I love this footnote from Luke Timothy Johnson's Religious Experience in Earliest Christianity: "Because of the remarkable success of Christianity as a movement that eventually became the religion of the Roman Empire, it is easy to miss the outrageousness of the statements claiming, within only a few years of the death of its founder, a worldwide mission (Acts 1:8) that would make disciples of all nations (Matt 28:19), not to mention its present ascendancy over the world and its role as the future of the world. . . . One of the benefits of the discovery of the writings from Qumran is that they remind us of how bizarre such claims appear when the cult in question simply disappears from history."


  • The only reason I'm posting a comment to this particular LT Johnson quote is that you got 26 comments when you asked about the best classic rock song and zip on this one. So, in the spirit of scholarship, I will comment on rock-n-roll in this way: it depends.

    Are you feeling like you are "Born to Run" or feeling a bit "Bohemian" or ready to "Come Sail Away"? Is it really "More Than a Feeling" or have we truly heard the call to "Don't Stop Believing"? More and more I do believe that 70s don't hold the classics but they are in the making with incredible songs like "A beautiful Day" and "Caught in a Moment (and can't get out of it)," which is what some who believe classic rock is only 70s music are experiencing.

    By Blogger Greg Taylor, at 5/27/2004 03:19:00 PM  

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