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Saturday, May 01, 2004

Last night, the two undefeated teams played the late game in our little league. At the end of six innings, it was tied 3-3. The rules say you keep going--as long as you don't start an inning until after 10:00. Problem: I was now out of pitchers. (They only get six innings each week.) So far this year I only have two pitchers. I used up the first on Thursday night when he pitched a 3-0 shutout. And the second one had just finished all his innings for the week. Bigger problem: the other team (who hadn't played any other full games this week) still had plenty of pitching left. And then the lightening moved in. The umpires postponed the game until another time. And whenever the game continues, my first pitcher will again be eligible! And suddenly my boys realized there are some advantages for playing for a preacher.


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