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Tuesday, May 04, 2004

Time for the Pepperdine pilgrimage. It's a rough gig that someone has to do! I appreciate all the good work that my buddy Mark Love has done to make the ACU lectureship an attractive option. But no matter what he does, he can't offer Malibu: the mountains, the salty breeze, the view of Catalina, the Pacific . . . . Usually, there are two things I do each day I'm there: take a walk at the Serra Retreat Center (where you can walk the Stations of the Cross) and eat at John's Gardens. (This is where a few years ago we watched paparazzi stalk Pamela Anderson Lee, trying to snap a few photos.) I've gone every year, every single year, since the mid-80s. It's been a place of spiritual refreshment, fresh seafood, and reconnection with buddies. What more could you ask? It's also been a place where I've always enjoyed speaking. My first keynote speech was Wednesday evening in 1987, and my opening night keynote was in 1989 (at the ripe age of 32). For the last several years I've shared an afternoon class with the Zoe singers. I love this partnership with Brandon and Gang. This year, I'm cutting my trip short. Won't even get to speak in class on Friday. I have to return for ACU's graduation dinner. Again I ask: Can Diane and I really have a child who's old enough to graduate? and to marry? And to head off to Baylor Med School? We're much too young for that, aren't we? I think it's the little league coaching that's fooling me about this age thing.


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