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Saturday, August 14, 2004

Many of you have come to appreciate the (half) wit and (semi) wisdom of Grant Boone through his participation on this blog. He really is a funny guy. And because of his love for people who are outside the faith, he makes me a better preacher. If you're an AOL user, be sure to listen to Grant's broadcast of the PGA. Just click on the "PGA live video" link or use keyword "PGA." You can send him questions through instant messaging. We just got back from a very quick trip to Houston to visit Matt and Jenna. Last night was the "White Coat Ceremony" at Baylor for the first year medical students. It was an incredibly moving ceremony. One of the deans spoke, followed by one of the profs, and then by seven of the upperclassmen. All the new med students were challenged to enter the study of medicine with humility, a sense of wonder, and deep commitment to the patients they will soon meet. Christopher believes that Matt and Jenna live in the coolest place possible. They're within two minutes of Reliant Stadium (with the Cowboys playing there tonight), AstroWorld, Pappasito's, and Pappadeaux. What more could you want? Matt was born in March of 1982, and I began my first fulltime ministry two months later. Until now, I've never preached for a church where he wasn't a member. But we're so proud of him and Jenna (who has now had her second grade class two whole days!).


  • A couple of unrelated things ring a bell here. I wish I could have seen the White Coat Ceremony. I've been a nurse for 27 years and still remember the high ideals I started out with in our capping ceremony. (Back then nurses wore starched white uniforms and the white cap which seemed to bring us a measure of respect.) Our speakers also encouraged us to keep that spirit of altruism and nurturing which can keep this vocation from becoming "just a job". I'm blessed to work for a Baptist hospital which encourages us to live out our Christianity with our patients. I hope the same for Matt.
    The other observation is how affluent our kids are compared to where we started 33 years ago. Are we the only ones who lived in a little one-bedroom frame house with a leaky roof and no insulation? Our son and his bride live in a wonderful apartment adjacent to the arena where the Mavericks play. The "west end" on the other side. I'm glad they're blessed, but our path wasn't so bad, at least looking from this end of the journey....

    By Blogger Sarah_RN, at 8/14/2004 06:58:00 PM  

  • Our son is also blessed to be doing his residency at a hospital in South Carolina that sponsors medical missions and has regular devotionals for its faculty and students. Doctors are encouraged to bring faith into their doctor /patient relationships. Some make it a habit of praying with those patients who are willing. On my last visit, I got to attend one of those devotionals and was blown away at the spiritual depth of many of those doctors.

    By Blogger Serena Voss, at 8/14/2004 08:44:00 PM  

  • BTW,

    I know you are proud of Matt and Jenna. You and Diane have every right to be. : )

    By Blogger Serena Voss, at 8/14/2004 08:46:00 PM  

  • I agree with you about Grant. Anytime you follow someone who uses the word "Viagara" in their communion thoughts - whatever you preach about looks better.

    I agree with Christopher too. Except for the whole traffic, humidity, and the fact that it is the Texans thing. And Astroworld isn't exactly my favorite place (3 summers of taking my youth group there will do that to a man) but I'm right there with him with the whole Pappasito's, and Pappadeaux deal.

    By Blogger Joel Quile, at 8/15/2004 04:47:00 AM  

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