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Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Got my vote registered at 7:30 this morning. Then on to Abilene Regional to visit a Highland member, only to learn that he had died early this morning. The volunteer at the front desk pulled up his name and turned pale. I knew he was afraid I was a family member who had no idea. I hadn't considered how difficult those volunteer positions might be at times. Ever since Megan's death, hospital visiting has without a doubt been one of my least favorite parts of ministry. Fortunately, at Highland there is the expectation that when someone is in the hospital it is primarily their shepherd and small group who will provide the care. Tonight will be a big night. It's, of course, draft night for Abilene Youth Basketball Association.


  • You beat me voting by about 30 minutes. :)

    I was thinking about Megan the other day. I know the ten-year mark is coming up. I remember calling all the elders to tell them that day and Moses Hall breaking down and crying on the phone. I want you and Diane to know that those of us who were there and have moved away still remember your sweet little girl.

    I saw Matt and Jenna at the science museum in Houston a couple of months ago. I didn't know they had moved there and I kept thinking "That guy looks just like Matt Cope." Then he walked by me and I saw that he was wearing a Welcome Week shirt so I knew. They had only been married a couple of weeks and they looked so cute and happy.

    We have a Jenna of our own now. She was born Aug. 26. And the baby girl whose blessing you did in Jan. '99 -- she's a kindergartener whose already had a few marriage proposals.

    Everything's going fine here. We miss Highland. We miss Dan Chrane.

    By Blogger Deana Nall, at 11/02/2004 07:42:00 AM  

  • God's grace be with you and your wife and your other kids as you approach the ten year anniversary of Megan's death. (I think I understood the previous poster to say that it is coming up.) Ten years was a rough one in my experience. One reason being it seems like such a long time. It becomes too hard to imagine what the child would be like, look like, after so many years. I am so thankful that we do not grieve like those who have no hope. How do they bear it?

    (Oh, and hospitals are still pretty far down on my list of places to go, even after 12 years.)

    By Blogger reJoyce, at 11/02/2004 10:20:00 AM  

  • Slackers! I voted like a WEEK ago! ^_^

    However, should anyone object to the two major political parties' representative candidates, please feel free to write me in since I intend to assume leadership of the freeworld in the near future anyway.

    By Blogger Q, at 11/02/2004 01:10:00 PM  

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