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Friday, November 12, 2004

A note to Highland readers: One year after Megan died, I talked about the year of grief. I was hoping that it would help give words to others who live with grief of one sort or another. And it seemed to. Then, the five-year anniversary fell on a Sunday, so in 1999 I reported again. I described it as being a scout coming back to report on what the trail ahead is like. This year the ten-year anniversary also falls on a Sunday, but that day (Nov. 21) is our annual food offering, one of the best days of the year at Highland. Diane and I are going to quietly slip out of town for the weekend. So this Sunday, I'm going to talk about grief. I'll again try to make sure this isn't just about us and our story. (I'm still hoping Diane will share a testimony and offer part of her perspective, but so far she's not inclined to. As I mentioned, November isn't her favorite month.) I mention this here, because some of you have friends and neighbors who have experienced loss and grief who might be able to identify. Please see if they'll come with you. I'll stay up front after both services to visit as long as people want to. The title of the message is "By Their Scars You Shall Know Them."


  • Mike, thanks for letting us all share in your grief.
    I will be praying for you as you prepare for your presentation on Sunday. I have no doubt He will speak through you in a very powerful way! Please give our love to Diane.

    "blessed are those that mourn, for they will be comforted"

    I hope you feel all the arms wrapped around the Cope family during this time of grief.....arms from all over this country and many in foreign mission fields. May you be comforted.

    By Blogger David U, at 11/12/2004 07:34:00 AM  

  • Your message title reminded me of the words of this song:


    Yes it’s true for each scar, there’s been suffering.
    For every scar, there is a story of pain.
    But the life that’s completely surrendered
    can somehow see God in all things.

    Scars are a sign of healing,
    like the rainbow that follows the rain.
    Wounds that are open -- feel the most pain,
    but the scars are a sign of healing.

    Many lives have been wrecked by wrong living
    for sin is sure to somehow leave its mark
    and through God it’s a miracle of healing
    when nothing is left but a scar.

    Scars are a sign of healing
    like the rainbow that follows the rain.
    Wounds that are open feel the most pain
    but the scars are a sign of healing.

    Daybreak’s Favorite Collection
    Clarion Productions

    Daybreak’s Favorite Collection
    Clarion Productions

    By Blogger David Michael, at 11/12/2004 07:37:00 AM  

  • 10 years, wow. It can't possibly have been that long. In some ways, though, it seems like it's been even longer. Sweet Megan.

    Thank you for being honest with your grief. It's important for us to hear.

    Love you guys so much. Your family has ministered to us so much and that's what pain has allowed in your lives...understanding, empathy, care, concern, and the importance of remembrance. Continue to pastor, Pastor.

    By Blogger Brandon Scott, at 11/12/2004 07:57:00 AM  

  • Hi Mike - Just wanted you to know that you and that sweet wife or yours are in my thoughts right now. Thanks for sharing your story.

    By Blogger Jana, at 11/12/2004 08:12:00 AM  

  • Mike, you and Diane's example hsa been a blessing to those of us who walked this trail after you. May God hold both of you close.

    By Blogger Brian Hudspeth, at 11/12/2004 09:00:00 AM  

  • If you haven't ever read it, I recommend Randy Alcott's "Deadline." It is not a book about grief, or death per se, but what impressed me were the descriptions of heaven. I think, no--I know that one of the requirements of parenting a special needs child is a vivid conceptualization of how things will be and how your child will display God's glory in her new, whole and radiant self. One day, it will happen. The book is a riviting page-turner that I had a hard time putting down (even when he got a little preachy on his soapbox:).

    I don't know what you are experiencing, but I know November is a dreary month, and the ache to hold and touch and see and hug a beloved child never go away. My physical scars no longer hurt, but with grief, the pain of absence is always there.

    Dear Father, You know how much Mike and Diane love and miss Megan. Bless them during this month especially and help there to be smiles through some of their tears. Thank You for our heavenly family, where we will all live together with you, never to separated again. In Christ's name, Amen.

    By Blogger Cindy, at 11/13/2004 02:04:00 PM  

  • Mike,

    Thank you for being open with your heart and it's hurts. God has used you in amazing, far reaching ways because of your submission to his will.

    By Blogger Steve Duer, at 11/13/2004 10:06:00 PM  

  • Thank you so much for this morning! The ability and need to grieve and lament within the body is something that generally isn't touched on enough. God does indeed pour through you the gift of preaching every Sunday!

    By Blogger Jennifer, at 11/14/2004 01:12:00 PM  

  • Thanks so much for sharing today. I echo all these comments in saying that it is a necessity to hear those words and feel like I can share my own scars with you. I struggled with whether or not I would go to service today after working in the nursery. The human inside me feared allowing that wall to be broken down again, like God always finds a way to do. I went anyway, knowing that if I was fighting it so badly, there was a reason I needed to be there. I did need to hear that. Here are the names that go along with my scars: Ryan,Adam, David, Jon, Dan, Andy, Adam, Grandma Phyllis, My brother's unborn baby. Thanks for letting me share those.

    By Blogger Phyllistene, at 11/14/2004 02:00:00 PM  

  • Phyllis - Thanks for sharing the names. Every one is a "holy ground" story.

    By Blogger Mike, at 11/15/2004 06:01:00 AM  

  • I just caught up in reading the last few entries. What an amazing Sunday that must have been. Thanks for sharing it and being willing to share the scars. Jus thinking of Val singing that song causes tears to well up. Bless you and your family and may this Thanksgiving bring you comfort, joy & peace.

    By Blogger Nino, at 11/18/2004 07:59:00 AM  

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