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Saturday, December 11, 2004

I guess if GPAs and standardized tests are any true indication, there are some areas of life where I'm relatively smart. But there are whole other areas where I'm a nincompoop. Like FIXING THINGS and PUTTING THINGS TOGETHER. We have about fifty people coming over tonight--a young adult Bible class from Highland--so I'm getting to some of the things I have put off. Plus, I finally cracked down and bought a reindeer/sleigh exhibit that Chris has been wanting for a couple years. Of course, the box said it would need minor assembling. Liars! To me, "minor assembling" should mean plugging stuff together. Actually, Chris and I are a pretty good team. He seems to have the ability to see how stuff goes together. So we worked together for a while on the sleigh. He came in for a few minutes while I tried to assemble the first reindeer. But it just would not go! Christopher came out, shook his head a bit and said, "Dad his head won't fit on his butt no matter how hard you push." I backed up and looked. He was right. That was, indeed, a tail I was trying to force the head on rather than a neck. When I tried it on the other end, it fit rather nicely.


  • I will leave the obvious remarks to someone else, but it is nice that Chris has Diane's gene pool as well as yours to draw from.

    By Blogger Serena Voss, at 12/11/2004 02:17:00 PM  

  • Nincompoop.

    I love that word.

    Mike, when assembling reigndeer I offer this advice.

    Heads I win. Tails you lose.

    I love you bro.

    By Blogger Joel Quile, at 12/11/2004 07:44:00 PM  

  • Mike, I have laughed and laughed picturing you with the reindeer parts in your hands! Was Chris kind or did he hoot and holler?--kids usually respond one way or the other. I hope you got it all figured out before your party. Happy Holidays! Andee

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 12/11/2004 07:45:00 PM  

  • Hilarious--both you and Joel.

    By Blogger Brandon Scott, at 12/12/2004 05:22:00 AM  

  • This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    By Blogger TCS, at 12/13/2004 08:27:00 AM  

  • Great story! I laughed out loud. I guess it proves that you don't know a deer's butt from a .... well from anything. Thanks for sharing with us all again this year. Both the funny, the food and those post that hit us right between the eyes. On those with punch, I see Jesus between the stars swirling around my head.

    Grace and peace to you all this Christmas!

    By Blogger TCS, at 12/13/2004 09:42:00 AM  

  • One of the most frightening phrases in the English language, "some assembly required!" Why can't life be simple like the infield fly rule?

    God Bless,


    By Blogger Ed Harrell, at 12/14/2004 09:14:00 PM  

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