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Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Anyone upset about yesterday's post? As if you didn't waste enough time already checking out other blogs! :) If you tried to post a link, but ran into the blogger afternoon traffic jam, try today -- either on yesterday's comments or today's. Thanks so much. After "Stream in the Desert" this weekend, I'd like to pop by and visit some of the sites. Want one more blog to check out? Jon Westin Bennett, one of Chris's buddies who was in the wreck (and one of Los Tres Amigos who were in ICU together at Cook's), has spent most of the last couple months back in the hospital. They just can't get the infection in one of his legs to go away. This is one amazing kid, and he's started a blog -- written from his room in the hospital -- to catch people up and to let them know what to pray for. Think about this: a sixth grader writing on his laptop from a children's hospital to encourage others and to ask for prayer. www.wesbennett.blogspot.com. The last time I spoke at "Stream in the Desert" was in 2000. It was vintage Ken Young. Way too many people were coming to get into Golf Course Road's building and the Midland College arena wasn't available. So he checked into renting an abandoned Builder's Square facility. Of course, he was told there was no way. But Ken just couldn't believe that was the FINAL answer. Well, the next thing we knew, it was available, and the "Stream" folks turned it into a desert sanctuary. About 5800 attended that years, crammed into that former shopping center. The last couple years there haven't been quite as many people (2800 last year, I think I heard), but that's still pretty amazing. Thousands of people heading to Midland for a spiritual retreat. I'm looking forward to it. I need a really productive couple days to finish getting ready.


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