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Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Here's an article I wrote in the Christian Standard about Megan. (Also, go read the 16th comment to yesterday's blog. After you read Courtney's note, go hug your kids!) - - - - Fifteen days until "Revenge of the Sith." May the Fourth be with you. - - - - Off to Malibu. Sweet! (Weather permitting, of course. Thankfullly, we're having lots of rain in Abilene right now.)


  • Thank you, dear brother, for getting that off of my chest.

    By Blogger Keith Brenton, at 5/04/2005 05:17:00 AM  

  • What a beautiful tribute to Megan. Thank you.
    Everytime I hear about people wanting to create the "genetically perfect" baby, I think about a college classmate of mine. His major was in genetics/DNA. One day he just sadly shook his head and commented how dangerous it all was - that the more he learned, the less he wanted others to know about it.
    I pray that everyone open their eyes and hearts to the children around them. Every child, despite how they have developed or happen to look, has something to teach us. Usually that lesson has to do with love.

    By Blogger Kate, at 5/04/2005 06:09:00 AM  

  • Mike, I had to wait a minute to post so I could see the screen.

    Which one of us on this planet is not like the most needy, or the least able, when compared to God?--yet He still wants a relationship with us.

    Thanks for sharing that with us. I'm thrilled to hear of Chris's progress. If you see David U in Malibu, please try to keep him under control.

    By Blogger don, at 5/04/2005 07:02:00 AM  

  • Thank you for reminding me of the precious gift from GOD that I have in my little boys...thanks also to #16 on yesterday's comments.

    I appreciate your willingness to be so honest.

    By Blogger Mommy of Boys, at 5/04/2005 07:08:00 AM  

  • Mike,

    I quickly read your post today and then moved on to my next stop of the 3-4 blogs I read daily without reading Courtney's comment or your article. Something told me to go back. I went back and read both and brother, I am sure glad I did.

    Two thoughts: This morning I was in a hurry taking Emily to school and asked her if "Daddy could just drop her off like all the other parents instead of parking and walking her to class?" to which she said "no, please, daddy, please walk me in." As I turned back to tell her "no" I saw her little eyes begin to well up with tears and (praise God) instead said, "Okay, I'll walk you in" As I walked her in I told Emily that I was so glad that she loves her mom and dad so much that she wants us to walk her to class.

    Then I read your article on Meagen but made one little mistake in the order of which I read it. As the pdf doc opened up I immediately scrolled to the bottom to see how many pages this was and decide whether I should read then or print and read later. The first thing I read was your "bio" at the bottom. I thought to myself, "man, I want a bio like that! Look at those accomplishments!" Then, I read the article. Ouch! Suffice it to say that I want only to know that I'm in the Lord's Army!

    Thanks, Mike

    By Blogger Joel Quile, at 5/04/2005 07:11:00 AM  

  • Mike, your article about Megan reminds me a little of my 8-month-old daughter, Jenna, who was born after 3 miscarriages. She is a little behind developmentally right now and we have a physical therapist coming to the house to help us work with her to sit up and crawl on her own because someone thinks she's behind. Who's to make these judgments? All I know is this - her creator knew her before she was born. her creator has great plans for her life. Her creator loves her infinitely more than I. That makes her absolutely perfect.

    By Blogger Chad, at 5/04/2005 07:39:00 AM  

  • Thank you for sharing this brother!

    By Blogger CL, at 5/04/2005 07:39:00 AM  

  • Sounds like Megan wasn't just a soldier, she is a recruiter too!

    By Blogger Steve Duer, at 5/04/2005 08:12:00 AM  

  • I'm embarrassed to admit this (but here I am doing it anyway!) to a bunch of bloggers who seem to have it way more together than I do...but I get so caught up in what the world tells us is beautiful. It's shameful...it really is. And maddening...like Paul says, "I don't understand myself at all, for I really want to do what is right, but I don't do it. Instead, I do the very thing I hate."

    Your story about Megan is something I need to hear again and again and again...

    By Blogger Jana, at 5/04/2005 12:07:00 PM  

  • Thank you for directing us back to that comment. Bath time with my 4-year-old is something I all to often stay on the couch during.

    I need preacher advice, Mike. How in the world am I supposed to preach on May 15th??? The sermon title that day is "God is our consistent Force...er...Source of Strength." I'm tellin' ya, brother, that sermon's gonna have Yoda all over it!

    "Luminous beings are we, not this crude matter." "Look at me. Judge me by my size do you?" :-)

    By Blogger Thurman8er, at 5/04/2005 02:08:00 PM  

  • Thank you so much for sharing that.

    By Blogger Phyllistene, at 5/04/2005 02:52:00 PM  

  • Priceless pun. Hopefully George Lucath gets it right this time!

    By Blogger "George", at 5/04/2005 06:37:00 PM  

  • Mike -- I still remember Megan saying "I'm Megan!" over and over. So many people wander through this life wondering who they are, and Megan knew exactly who she was without a doubt. She had it more together than most people I know. I'm grateful for the few times I got to see Megan -- what a precious child.

    By Blogger Deana Nall, at 5/04/2005 07:20:00 PM  

  • Your article makes me want to cry. I, too, am the mother of a "little soldier". His name is Matthew, he is six years old and has autism.

    Right now, life is a little rough because I can get very irritated with his constant repeating of the videos he's heard (exactly how many times can you hear, "Where is it? Where is the clue?")

    But one thing he has learned how to say is, "Thank you, God," during communion. I've explained to him that the Lord's Supper is when we say "Thank you, God". And I let him take communion. I defy anyone to tell me that is wrong. I would rather have him have a good association with church rather than fight a battle every week about why he can't take the bread and drink the grape juice. Right now he doesn't like the bread. My biggest fear is that he will swallow the communion cup. :-)

    In this day and age of "designer kids", let's remember the Megans and the Matthews of this world.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 5/07/2005 05:37:00 AM  

  • I'm so happy to read "Tina's" willingness to share the beauty of the Lord's supper with her son. I can't seem to rationalize excluding the most innocent souls around me from this wonderful act of worship, but who am I to try to understand?!
    Here's my experience of a struggle I faced with my youngest son. . .

    “It’s Only Grape Juice!”

    The words left my lips in a strange slow motion drawn out manner that pierced my heart the moment I spoke them. I looked down at my four year old, with whom I was now entangled in the classic “you can't have the Lord's Supper, you're too young” battle, and felt sick. Had I really just reduced the Lord's blood sacrifice to nothing more than a concentrated fruit drink in a tiny plastic cup? I sure had, and worst yet I passed my own momentary ignorance on to my child. I thought about what I had just said, looked into Joel's innocent little face and realized that at that moment he was more worthy of the Lord's Supper then I was. He had a true yearning to drink that juice and eat that bread. Of course I realize that he merely wanted it out of fascination and curiosity, but nonetheless, he wanted it; he longed for it. I had to ask myself, “Do I honestly long to take part in this act of worship that signifies my unity in the body of Christ, or do I do it because it is a part of my worship ‘routine’?”
    After answering myself honestly I began to pray; “Father create in me a spirit of longing. A longing to celebrate the Lord's sacrifice for me. A sacrifice that not only unites me with Christ, but also brings healing and forgiveness. Father, create in me an unquenchable desire to become one with my savior. Father, please forgive me for ever regarding this beautiful act of worship as mere “grape juice” and for ever taking It’s power for granted. Finally Father, give me a heart like Joel's, innocent and contrite and filled with a pure desire to please you.
    I can honestly say, I’ll never just drink grape juice again, and I hope you won't either.

    By Blogger Courtney & Co., at 5/08/2005 01:48:00 PM  

  • What a great article-thanks so much for sharing! I always love hearing your heart...

    By Blogger Katherine, at 5/10/2005 08:18:00 PM  

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