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Thursday, May 19, 2005

I'm a bad parent. We still haven't seen "Return of the Sith." Yes, we could have gone to the 12:02 showing, the 12:10 showing, or the 12:20 showing early this morning, but that tends to be when I like to sleep. If there had been a 4:04 showing, I would gladly have taken Chris. "You have school on Thursday. You can't go without sleep. You already have a hard time sleeping with the brace on." All good points. None seem to matter. It made it worse that I accidentally let it slip that Caroline and Holton (who are like an older sister and brother to him) had invited him to go with them. I didn't even have to take him. He could have slummed a ride with them. But there's still that school thing. We do have tickets for 4:50 tomorrow afternoon. But that's like A WHOLE GALAXY AWAY. He'll probably be the last kid in America to get to see it. :) So did anyone out there go to the midnight showing? Don't spill anything significant. But was it good? Does Yoda kick some serious sith butt? Does Leia have the cool hair even as a little girl? Do all wookies speak like Chewbacca? Inquiring minds want to know.


  • Well, I'm a bad parent, too, then. Last Star Wars we went to the midnight show, and enjoyed doing it. This time, too many extenuating circumstances made it a bad choice to be out late. So, Chris won't be the last kid to see it. There are at least four here in our house that are chomping at the bit wanting to go, too.

    I'm not looking forward to seeing Anakin cross over to the dark side. My oldest says though that it won't be so bad, because we know he gets redeemed at the end.

    By Blogger reJoyce, at 5/19/2005 05:51:00 AM  

  • The school thing was not the issue at our house. Michaela is only 9 and Spencer 4. Midnight showings are not on their radar screen yet. However, the "church thing" should be interesting today. David along with 2 other ministers (our youth guys) went at 12am. Suffice it to say, they are no longer teenagers and are all looking a little worse for wear this morning! But, it was worth it, I hear....

    By Blogger Arlene Kasselman, at 5/19/2005 06:52:00 AM  

  • Hey, get Grey Powell to tell you about his adventure about standing in line for 24 hours or so in LA.

    As Barney said about Earnest T....."He's a NUT!"

    But he is our nut.


    By Blogger David U, at 5/19/2005 07:09:00 AM  

  • I am SOOOOO tired! I'm the girl who had the Star Wars Wedding, so I was there for the Midnight show!!!!

    I'm not gonna give ANYTHING away, except to say that I was hoping it would not be too dark so that my kids, ages 6 & 4, could see it - they LOVE the other 5 episodes. Well, it WAS too dark - some deep, emotional stuff, some gory deaths (or near deaths) and there's not a lot of funny, kid stuff in this one. And the cheese level was definately lower on this one, although there were a few groans here & there. (Look for Tarzan yell & a prominant character yelling "NOOOOO!!!!"

    Enjoy your show & we'll talk more after you've seen it!

    By Blogger Beaner, at 5/19/2005 07:18:00 AM  

  • Mike, it's good that you resisted the pull of the Dark Side and did the right thing.

    As for me, I'm starting down that Dark path. I *fear* I won't be able to wait until my girlfriend gets back from California tomorrow to see it with her. As Yoda said, "The boy has no patience."



    By Blogger Chad, at 5/19/2005 07:37:00 AM  

  • Mike:

    I do have some insights on the movie. I hate to break it to everyone - and please forgive the spoiler - but I hear that Anakin becomes Darth Vader. That's really heavy.

    Stay tuned for more . . .


    By Blogger Chris Benjamin, at 5/19/2005 07:50:00 AM  

  • Mike,
    This was a costly mistake because Chris will be needing therapy to get over the scars that will last a life time for seeing it 16 hours to late. As for the movie bad acting, poor dialog, they did a good job tying all 5 movies together and Yoda kicks butt. Two thumbs up.

    By Blogger spot, at 5/19/2005 07:50:00 AM  

  • Mike,
    This was a costly mistake because Chris will be needing therapy to get over the scars that will last a life time for seeing it 16 hours to late. As for the movie bad acting, poor dialog, they did a good job tying all 5 movies together and Yoda kicks butt. Two thumbs up.

    By Blogger spot, at 5/19/2005 07:50:00 AM  

  • I took my oldest (14) with me last night for the 12:10. (Homeschool has its downsides, trust me, but one of the cool perks is that you can allow for a couple of hours' sleep if you have a late night out with dad [G]).

    Best of the prequels. No doubt about it. It is very entertaining, but dark. I wouldn't take kids younger than 7-8 to see this one.

    The thing that I really loved about this one is the complex ecology that led to Anakin's demise. Anakin is repeatedly lectured on not having "attachments," but most of his Jedi mentors seem to have attachments of their own. Worse yet, Anakin's "friends" abandon their principles and start using Anakin for political games, playing right into the Sith's hands.

    Before the movie ends, it becomes apparent that Obi Wan and Padme have been enablers for Anakin's behavior. To borrow from the video last night, somebody needed to tell Anakin the truth about his relationship with Padme a long, long time ago. Maybe, then, his secret would not have consumed him like it did.

    By Blogger Matt, at 5/19/2005 08:31:00 AM  

  • For those who know the Star Wars story line (which is most everyone on the planet) it's kind of like watching The Titanic (with the exception of the romance and nudity I'm guessing). We know the ending- very dark. But at least it's not as depressing since it's not historical fiction.

    By Blogger Chad, at 5/19/2005 08:52:00 AM  

  • My grandkids are too young to see it, but my kids really loved the original three (as did their mom and dad). I have not heard one student in our middle school talking about this movie -- guys or girls -- and frankly, it puzzled me. The teachers told me the same thing. I have to wonder: Are kids just different in Post, TX?

    By Blogger Serena Voss, at 5/19/2005 09:11:00 AM  

  • I am a great Dad! We were there at 12:01. Yesterday was the last day of school in Montgomery so it was cool. Yoda kicks all forms of butt, Chewie speaks the standard Wookie language, and Samuel L. Jackson (Mace Windu) dies well.

    By Blogger Ed Harrell, at 5/19/2005 09:38:00 AM  

  • I was definitely tempted to see the late showing, especially since it was my birthday yesterday, and with no kids I can do that sort of thing. But, I was so tired yesterday I went to bed at 10. To me that's like, super-early. So it was a good desicion. Plus, my wife would have never been up for a midnight show. But, I am disappointed that I'm going to be the last kid on the block to see it. I've already got tickets for the Friday night showing. I'm hoping no one will spoil anything for me before then.

    By Blogger Kyle, at 5/19/2005 09:43:00 AM  

  • Being the young 34 year old that I am, I pulled myself up by my bootstraps and hit the 12:10 show with Matt Ritchie. They actually opened the theatre about 9:45. So I got there and struggled to stay awake for 2 hours...maybe I am not so young and this was a bad idea.

    Movie starts. Anything good enough to keep me awake, alert and involved from 12:10 until 2:45 would have to be a good movie. Sure enough...I was awake, alert and involved until 2:45.

    Dialogue (amazingly) wasn't as canned as the last two movies and the action is unreal. It did confirm, however, that Cayce and Kyle (8 and 6 respectively) will wait until they are older to find out how Anakin Skywalker falls.

    It's very, very dark...but it met expectations. Critics will hate it. Fans will love it. There you go, my 28 second review.

    By Blogger Corey, at 5/19/2005 09:57:00 AM  

  • If you thought Yoda fighting Dooku was worth the price of admission to the last one, then you are in for a treat.

    Look for all of the tie in's to A New Hope. The costumes (and some hairstyles!), the ships, both externally and internally.

    Definitely too strong for young ones. The sequence when creating Darth Vader will grab you.

    Wookies rock! - I could have used a little more dialog from them, but there weren't a lot of people around to translate for them. So I understand.

    By Blogger Ron Barbee, at 5/19/2005 10:15:00 AM  

  • 12:20 showing here, I agree, the critics won't like it but fans will love it. The cheese factor in the mentioned spots made me groan and I STRONGLY dislike Hayden Christiansen as Anakin, but even given all that I would say it was a VERY good movie.

    By Blogger Jared Cramer, at 5/19/2005 10:48:00 AM  

  • We saw it at 12:01 and I blogged about it. Without reading the other comments, I would say you will like it, but warn Chris because it is very, very, very dark. Luckily the worst parts are left to the imagination and not shown. But there is alot of blood and guts. To answer your questions it was great but very dark and grusome. Yoda does kick butt! No she doesn't, and yes they do. Must go take a nap now.

    By Blogger SG, at 5/19/2005 11:38:00 AM  

  • Am I the only one who thought when Yoda was leaving Kashyyk that his right index finger was going to light up and he was going to say, "Right here, I'll be?"

    The movie was intense, fast, as dark as expected. What I really liked about it was how it put "evil" in perspective. People don't make choices to do "evil" things for the simple fact that they are evil. Sometimes not even because of pride or self-interest. There are times, probably lots of times, when people do "evil" because they think it is the right thing to do! "Sith" showed me how it's possible for a good person to step up to the brink and make the life-changing decision to jump over the edge.

    By Blogger Thurman8er, at 5/19/2005 01:11:00 PM  

  • I've yet to see any of the Star Wars movies so please don't give away any of the plots. Maybe I'll see them when....no never mind. I've gone this long; I figure I can make it the rest of my life without seeing them.

    By Blogger Mark Lavender, at 5/19/2005 01:21:00 PM  

  • Thurman8er - that was TOTALLY ET!!! I thought so immediately! There were other sci-fi homages in there as well.

    I also liked the tie-ins w/music & scenery to the people & events in A New Hope (even if it tied things up TOO neatly) I enjoyed the brief look at a very young Tarkin. Never did find the George Lucas cameo, but I wasn't really looking once the movie started.

    By Blogger Beaner, at 5/19/2005 02:05:00 PM  

  • I went to the midnight premier..haven't missed one yet! It's quite an experience. The movie was great. You won't be disappointed!

    By Blogger Steven J Bruce, at 5/19/2005 02:20:00 PM  

  • zzzzzz...

    I didn't even make it thru the end of the Mavericks game.

    By Blogger Larry, at 5/19/2005 04:42:00 PM  

  • I still have my 1977 Star Wars figures in their very own Darth Vader carrying case. my kindergartener keeps asking if she can have them one day. She is the oldest grandchild, so naturally she's already been promised her great-grandmother's amethyst brooch, her grandmother's china and my demitasse set. So the action figures? Stay away, Julia, they're MINE!!!

    By Blogger Deana Nall, at 5/19/2005 06:31:00 PM  

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