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Sunday, July 31, 2005

A note to my dear friends at Highland from your minister, St. Elsewhere. I can't wait to be back with you! Four weeks of language school plus some vacation and study time has made this a summer away. This week our family has been in Estes Park, Colorado, hiking every day in the Rocky Mountain National Park, one of my favorite places in the world. Just the five of us. Having a blast. Nothing quite like hiking up Deer Mountain or up to Bear Lake/ Nymph Lake / Dream Lake / Emerald Lake. Take the beach. Give me the mountains. Sure, I'd miss the goo all over your body, the jellyfish, the sand that won't wash out, the heat, and the skin cancer. But I'll get by. Just set me in the mountains with my hiking boots and my family, and I'll be fine.


  • Couldn't agree with you more! We just had the good fortune of spending a week with our girls, their kids and husbands in the mountains. I feel so blessed to have son-in laws that are truly like my sons. I know you feel the same way about Jenna. Let's hear it for the mountains! Wonder why we live where we do....I guess so that we have some place wonderful to visit????

    By Blogger goldlenlocks, at 7/31/2005 08:56:00 AM  

  • When I think of Colorado, I think of...

    1) Spring break 2003. While shopping alone on Breckenridge's Main Street, I miscarry, begin hemorraging and have to be rushed to the hospital for emergency surgery.

    2) Spring break 2004. Throwing up in a condo all week with a 5-year-old child, who also throws up all week. Mine is pregnancy, hers is altitude sickness. To this day, neither Julia nor I can watch a Colorado tourism commercial without turning a little green.

    So enjoy your Colorado. Nothing good happens to me there. I'll keep working on my skin cancer. :)

    By Blogger Deana Nall, at 7/31/2005 12:40:00 PM  

  • Why pick just one? With my new job at Pepperdine I get both. Granted the mountains that surround me aren't quite the same as those in Colorado - but if I drive just a few hours I can find some. Like I will on Thursday. But for today the beach.

    By Blogger Jen, at 7/31/2005 02:34:00 PM  

  • Take your time coming home, Mike. In fact, take an extra couple weeks "on us." Seriously, though, Mark Love has truly been "bringing it" from the pulpit in your absense. Did you expect anything less, though? With Mark Love, you know you'll get a series of "edge-of-your-seat" mission-filled conversations (they're hardly sermons, since he rarely uses three points or an invitation!). It's gotta be pretty nice having so many worthy replacements for when you're gone, huh?

    Seriously, we have missed your presence at Highland. Travel safely.

    By Blogger Steve Jr., at 7/31/2005 03:12:00 PM  

  • Mountains? Take me with you!

    By Blogger Jon, at 7/31/2005 03:37:00 PM  

  • Hallelujah and Hooray!!

    The Highland Helper and August calendar announced the end of Summer punishment and one EARLY service. In two weeks we will return to our gracious lifestyle of two services, [gimme the 11:00am service every time, thank you! :-) ] and our pastor/teacher returns. What blessings upon blessings! :o)

    Oh yeah. I too love the mountains for vacation time, and the ocean for meditating time, hence my love of California, Oregon and Washington coastal areas.

    Out here on the prairie? Just look up! The sky fills your soul with God's great miracles!! PTL!!

    Hurry home, Mike. Rick, Dr. Taylor and Mark Love have given us such wonderful lessons, but you are missed, missed, missed.

    By Blogger Kathy, at 7/31/2005 04:26:00 PM  

  • I love the mountains. My wife and daughters are diehard beach goers, though.
    Which reminds me of a question.
    If a man speaks and there is no woman around to hear him, is he still wrong? Probably!

    By Blogger Brian, at 7/31/2005 05:24:00 PM  

  • I want to coop Mike's blog today to ask this community to pray for Larry Sharp. Today, Larry celebrates 25 years of ministry in Bloomington/Normal, Illinois. Tuesday he will have surgery for a valve issue with his heart. The doctors are very upbeat about his procedure and say he is one of the healthiest patients to ever have this done. Regardless, a few extra prayers on his behalf would certainly help.

    Many thanks.

    By Blogger Paul W, at 7/31/2005 05:31:00 PM  

  • The first time I cross-country skied in Colorado was around Bear Lake...sigh, good memories. But living in Oregon, we can hit the mountains and the coast in the same day. Life is good.

    By Blogger kristi w, at 7/31/2005 08:17:00 PM  

  • I'm with you on the Beaches v. Mountains debate. I haven't been skiing since college and I'm trying to convince my wife, who has never skied that we need to go for Spring Break. She's afraid I'll leave her alone and hit the tough slopes. She couldn't be more wrong. She will have her ski instructor. Make that her female ski instructor.

    By Blogger Kyle, at 7/31/2005 11:26:00 PM  

  • Thanks, Paul, for the request for people to pray for my friend (since high school days) Larry Sharp. He is one of the most effective ministers I've ever known. He has tried to convince me this is a relatively safe procedure, but still . . . open heart surgery.

    Steve -- there is a danger, of course, in having people like Jerry Taylor, Mark Love, and Rick Atchley fill in for. Eventually someone around there is going to figure out that there is a position on our ministry staff that could be cut! But alas, just about the time they're figuring that out, I'll be back.

    By Blogger Mike, at 8/01/2005 04:21:00 AM  

  • The sharks. You left out the sharks. There are no sharks in the mountains. At least you can see bears coming and you're not in a foreign environment so you stand half a chance of getting away.

    And there are mountain lakes with beaches.

    Mountains are MUCH better. But then, I was born in West Virginia.

    By Blogger KathyGS, at 8/01/2005 04:51:00 AM  

  • Mike, if you have a chance, go to Grand Lake and eat at the Grand Lake Lodge with its spectacular view from "Colorado's Front Porch" and even better food...no, not just food...cuisine! The best in the Rockies! Tell Reed and Katie James (owners) that the Holts sent you.

    Be safe,

    Steve Sr.

    By Blogger MarkS, at 8/01/2005 06:19:00 AM  

  • Mike,

    I tend to find beauty in both places. Each one boasts a different display of the Creator's magnificence. I guess it would depend on what kind of natural beauty you were looking for. If I were asked to choose, I know I'd have a really hard time! On another note, your fill-ins have been wonderful, not one of the sermons have been comfortable and that is the way it should be! We are blessed to have so many incredibly gifted men of God at Highland and in Abilene as a whole, who are able to deliver and live the Word so beautifully.

    By Blogger Lauren, at 8/01/2005 07:32:00 AM  

  • A little off topic...Mike - thanks for the note you sent Larry for his 25th - you're in the scrapbook, brother! Woohoo! Just wish we'd had a picture...lol

    By Blogger Chris, at 8/01/2005 07:35:00 AM  

  • And while we're on the subject of Larry....don't you think it's time you visited our little neck of the woods? So many bloggers who read your stuff from our church, and a really good old friend (OK...maybe 'old' should be reserved for NEXT YEAR!)

    Anyway....just think about it - we'd love to have you & who can resist looking out over cornfields during a sunset? That's got to be better than mountains, right?

    By Blogger Beaner, at 8/01/2005 08:24:00 AM  

  • I will be glad to take the beach, thank you...

    By Blogger DJG, at 8/01/2005 12:24:00 PM  

  • We leave tomorrow to join the rest of the family at the beach for the remainder of the week. Clam chowder, sand castles, and boogie boarding...bring it on!

    By Blogger Thurman8er, at 8/01/2005 01:04:00 PM  

  • I live maybe two hours from Estes Park and was there just last weekend! Now I wish I would have gone this weekend and had the chance to run into y'all! We like to go up there and hike as well; it's busy this time of year. Hope you guys enjoyed your time in Colorado; I'm learning that I love the Colorado summers as much as I hate the Colorado winters. :)

    By Blogger Melanie Knox, at 8/01/2005 01:16:00 PM  

  • I would choose the mountains......no the beach....wait, wait, make that the mountains.....

    Or I could just settle for Kauai and have both. The mountains are magnificent and the ocean -- there are no words. But our dear brothers and sisters in the Lord there have stolen my heart.

    By Blogger Serena Voss, at 8/01/2005 01:36:00 PM  

  • While Deana prefers the beach, I love the mountains. I grew up climbing mountains and she grew up going to the beach. We now go to the beach more than the mountains. Of course we live much closer to the beach. I've never seen a bear on the beack, or rams fighting. The coolest thing I've ever seen was a washed up dead 5 ft sting ray.

    By Blogger Chad, at 8/01/2005 02:42:00 PM  

  • I prefer Jupiter

    By Blogger ANGEL ANTHONY, at 8/01/2005 04:32:00 PM  

  • I love the mountains, but I'm not a huge fan of hiking. I used to hate the beach, too, for all the reasons you listed, but every time I visit, it's beginning to grow on me more and more. It's pretty hard to feel sorry for Randy and Jennifer Porter in Salvador when they took you for an afternoon on one of the most beautiful beaches I've been to. :)

    Mike, I've missed you and your family very much this summer. Seems like your wife and I kept passing each other like ships in the night! Can't wait till you guys are all home. :)

    By Blogger Heather A, at 8/01/2005 08:13:00 PM  

  • Beaches and boat drinks! WOOHOO!

    By Blogger Sarah, at 8/02/2005 04:59:00 AM  

  • You don't know me, Mike - I'm Nancy Kirk's oldest sister and have followed you on this blogsite since she told me about it and you two years ago. As far as the discussion at hand: yes to what you said about the beach, BUT - mountains? Hot days sweating and roasting; bugs; don't like hiking that much; not a big camper . . . can have the beach and mountains out here in Southern California and see God's beauty in both places and still be home in the evening. I'm such a wuss!!


    By Blogger Anne, at 8/02/2005 11:51:00 AM  

  • With due regard for my beloved Toadsuck, Arkansas - I would say that Zion National Park in southern (or as the locals say, "Dixie") Utah. Be there at sunrise . . . it will take your breath away.

    By Blogger Randy, at 8/03/2005 04:29:00 PM  

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