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Saturday, December 10, 2005

We went to see "The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe" yesterday on the opening day. Good job, Grant, on grabbing those Fandango tickets ahead of time! It's amazing. Unbelievable. Not quite "Lord of the Rings," perhaps, but not far behind. It doesn't matter how many times you've read about Narnia; when Lucy backs into the land through the wardrobe, just see if you don't feel a surge of emotion. And it doesn't matter how many times you've imagined Aslan walking to the stone table; when he is mocked, tied down, and stabbed, just see if you don't wince with memories of the central story of Christianity. (Much more powerful to me than "The Passion of the Christ.") I'm so glad this wasn't made a decade ago when it might have seemed cartoonish. The technology is incredible.


  • There is something about the innocence of animals that makes the humiliation/torture of Aslan even harder to watch than Jesus. I cried during 'The Passion' & 'TLTW&TW', but i think I loved the lion more. And I've never read the books.
    My son, who is 6, loves Star Wars & LOTR & Harry Potter, but he turned to me after the show & said "This was the best movie I ever saw!"
    I liked how the children fulfilled their destiny/purpose by using their gifts. And I liked the scene where Aslan let Peter fight his own battle. What a powerful allegory!!!

    By Blogger Beaner, at 12/10/2005 05:07:00 AM  

  • I loved it. The cinematography was great but the story is so powerful that you forget all about how crystal clear the shots are. I also liked the journey from fear to courage and how the children finally assumed their role in the prophecy. The power of the Lion was his heart. It was a great movie. I shall see it again!

    By Blogger Paul, at 12/10/2005 07:20:00 AM  

  • Although I saw a few flaws in the special effects, at times they were simply breathtaking. Are those real wolves trying to get into the Beavers' house, or are they CG? I've never seen a movie where CG animals and creatures looked so real, or where they interacted with real-life humans on a more believable level.

    Although I understand the numberous comparisons to LOTR out there, I wish we could just let this stand on it's own as a masterful film adaptation of a classic, understated book.

    By Blogger Rick, at 12/10/2005 07:21:00 AM  

  • I left the theater yesterday thinking thinking that this has to be one of the best movies (content) I've ever seen! It was absolutely incredible. Yes there were glitches here & there in the making of the movie but the content could sure make you look over that! I would recommend it to EVERYONE!

    By Blogger Brian, at 12/10/2005 09:42:00 AM  

  • There was a kind of cheesy, low-budget "The Lion,The Witch and The Wardrobe" made by the BBC in 1986 ... and some of it was actually was animated. Poorly.

    I ditched our copy so that my kids would see the Walden/Disney version first. I'm so glad I did.

    My almost-13-year-old son saw it twice yesterday, once with his school chums and once with his church family. He drank it all in.

    When Aslan was on the table, the voice I heard sobbing in the big, packed theatre was my 9-year-old daughter. Fortunately, I remembered to bring a hanky.

    Roger Moore of the Orlando Sentinel said an idiotic thing in his pooh-pooh review: that the ending was ripped off from "Star Wars." Obviously, he didn't know it was straight from the book, which was written before George Lucas was out of diapers.

    By Blogger Keith Brenton, at 12/10/2005 02:36:00 PM  

  • Fabulous!

    By Blogger Tammy M., at 12/10/2005 08:05:00 PM  

  • Aw Keith, even the BBC version is better than no version at all... my kids have watched it more times than I can count, and it had them even more excited for the Disney/Walden version. We've got the BBC version of the next 3 books as well (original numbering system)... and hoping we will get to add newer versions of them all to our DVD library!!

    By Blogger Karen, at 12/10/2005 11:16:00 PM  

  • I took six kids ages 6-13 to see it yesterday. We all loved it!

    By Blogger Lynn, at 12/11/2005 08:06:00 AM  

  • I liked the portayal of Edmund's betrayal of his family for some short-sighted "sweeties." I could relate all too well.

    By Blogger Shanta, at 12/11/2005 11:26:00 AM  

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    By Blogger Mark D, at 12/11/2005 01:22:00 PM  

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    By Blogger Mark D, at 12/11/2005 01:24:00 PM  

  • Awesome movie!!! Several parts almost got me, but the one where I came closest to losing it was when Aslan talked with Edmund and then said to Peter, "We talked. What's in the past is gone and should not be brought up again." Probably not the exact quote, but close. Good reminder for us not to dwell on past mistakes.

    By Blogger Mark D, at 12/11/2005 02:25:00 PM  

  • I can't wait to see it!!! Especially now, after you are the second person to talk about Lucy making her way into Narnia through the wardrobe. My friend said that part gave her chills.

    By Blogger Jana, at 12/12/2005 09:17:00 AM  

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